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Leaves and seeds, Natures' plant life's discards  abundant and ever present. In their multitudes one appears indistinguishable from another and their very abundance renders them almost inconsequential. Yet, when photography bestows its gaze upon them in their singular forms suddenly we are encouraged to consider them as individuals which in turn can stir our sensibilities towards feelings of unanticipated tenderness towards these simple forms.

The series of works that encompass Mourning of Birds the attention to observe is towards the avians with which we share the planted and occasionally the skies. The works are based on documentations of specimens in natural history museum collections. Each of the series of works invites us to experience the pathos that their eternal rest provokes. 

The subjects in the series of digital images Mourning are prostate on their backs with their limbs bound together, not in this case to prevent escape but to prevent damage to the fragile forms. They lay vulnerable and exposed as we contemplate the stillness of their corporeal rest. 


Adriene Veninger


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