Adriene Veninger

Adriene Veninger is a visual artist working in mediums ranging from photography, drawing and painting. A preoccupation with the natural world has driven the themes of her work for over thirty years.

Her works are in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada and are included in the touring exhibition Flora and Fauna;   

400 Years of Artists Inspired by Nature

Mourning 2019


Archival Pigment Prints 20 x 40 inches


Mourning is a series of digital images documenting select avian subjects from museum collections. The images present their subjects in a stark and direct manner, recumbent on their backs vulnerable to a viewers gaze as we bear witness to the peaceful stillness of their corporeal rest.

                                            Ocular 2014                           





Archival Pigment Prints

12 x 30 inches


Ocular are a series of digitally created images based on the forms of taxidermied bird specimens in which a single image is twined with a reversed duplicate of itself to create the final image. much in the manner of how animals, birds and humans having two eyes utilize binocular vision to perform the process of converting two viewed images into one.

Corpus  2014


oil on canvas

36 in X 36 in.

A series of large paintings executed in a realistic manner focused on depicting only the lower half of their subjects to place the emphasis on the feet, which are bound together.

Preserved bird specimens in museums have their feet bound in this manner as a way to stabilize the legs to prevent damage. To un unaccustomed viewer the sight of this leads to inevitable associations to that of religious iconography. An added aura of melancholy pathos surrounding the remains and the symbolism is complete.

                           All images   © 2020  Adriene Veninger

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